‘You’ve been given a gift; it’ll never fail you. You can fail it – but not the other way around.’

Your children have the ability to become whoever or whatever they want to be. They just need a little help and guidance along the way; it matters to them. You matter to them.

The inspiration for writing this series of children’s stories came from reading to both of my children when they were young, and now to my grandchildren as well. I have found this to be one of the most pleasurable experiences, not just in my life, but in theirs too. Reading has had an enormous impact on all of us.

I knew from the very second they were born that I was one of the most important and influential people in their life. I noticed they were sensitive to my facial expressions, my tone of voice, my gestures and my body language. I realised that my children, and grandchildren, were looking, listening and learning from me, and so what I said or did had a real impact on them.

Children benefit from the warm and caring attention of their parents and other significant people around them. Smiling, showing interest, hugging and cuddling makes them feel special, important and wanted. Children look to others for support and reassurance so they can develop feelings of being safe and secure.

This foundation enables them to become self-assured, to interact with others in a positive and meaningful way and to understand between right and wrong. It gives them a healthy self-image and gives them confidence as a learner. This learning sets them up on the path of life.

Any child has a fantastic future ahead of them; all they need is a little support from the most important person in their life.