Feedback for Learn with Alex and Anna

“Learn with Alex and Anna; educational stories for children”    6 March 2016
An excellent, fun, educational tool.
Nikki Dee, author.

Grandpa’s Train Journey

Rail Safety Forum‏  @railsafetyforum 9 Sept 2015
Great work. Well done.

Operation Lifesaver‏@oplifesaver.  23 Sept 2015
Peter Hayward. This is fantastic! Thank you for spreading the life-saving message of rail safety.

Alex and Anna’s Acorn Helps the World
Haseeb Shaikh‏@haseebsiddique  2 Sept 2015
Great,,, I read this as I just finished a Botanical Trail with 60 students.

Anna the Bumblebee
Philip‏@Dr_Philip_itis 22 Sept 2015
Great book. Education is very important, learning about nature and conservation is vital