BBQ Time – What the Experts Say

Paul Gately Professor in childhood obesity, Leeds Beckett University. A leading specialist training services provider for tackling childhood and obesity, says;

“Many thanks for … BBQ Time … It looks great.

Good luck with what looks like a great resource.”

Mike Diaper, Executive Director Community Sport, Sport England says;

“I appreciate you bringing [BBQ Time] to my attention to highlight the importance of children’s health. I’ll circulate [BBQ Time] to my team.”

Rose Palmer, Librarian, The Oaks Primary School, Ipswich, says;

“This book provides a very thorough education on health, healthy eating and food hygiene, told through a charming story of everyday life. It is a useful resource for teaching simple biology and food technology, and the importance of good nutrition.”

Reni Bakos Bertusne, (mother) Dunaujvaros, Hungary, says;

“Thank you very much, we have your books. BBQ Time is one of our favourite story. The main subject of BBQ Time is one of the most important for children to understand. From your books they can easier learn and understand basic and essential things of life. Because of the educational stories they can be more motivated to use this knowledge in their lives, every day. Presently it is very essential for children to be more conscious of nutrition and BBQ Time is a great book to help and motivate them.”

Martin Bertus, (son), says;

“I like to read Learn with Alex and Anna books because they are interesting. It is worth to read more times. Because of theme BBQ Time is one of my favourite. Since I have read this book I have started to eat more healthy food.”