Learn with Alex and Anna books are charming every-day stories for children. Each story is written around a basis of positive family and personal values.

With a mix of fact and fiction the stories encompass topics such as how trees grow, how aeroplanes fly, the importance of honeybees and how going to school is neccessary. Even subjects such as how the brain develops, how to be safe inside and outside of the home, and the importance of adding up are tackled.

In these stories, Alex and Anna are young children. Being young, they are at the stage when they soak everything up around them. Like all young children, they always ask the question why?

With the aid of significant people helping them on their life’s journey, Alex and Anna are duly taught educational subjects whilst learning important life skills in a fun and friendly way.

At the end of each story, there are a number of questions for your child to answer. By answering the questions, the learning and understanding of the story’s subject will be reinforced. Some books may also have instructions for your child to carry out an experiment. This could be a recipe to bake cupcakes, an experiment to understand the water cycle, or asking them to create their own fire drill for the home. These experiments will reinforce the child’s learning by doing.

Alex and Anna hope that through these stories your child will have just as much fun learning as they did whilst growing up. They also hope that your child will be able to discover their own life’s journey.