The books

Alex and Anna’s Acorn Helps the World

One autumn morning, Alex helps Grandpa to plant some new trees in the
garden. Alex is surprised to find that trees help the world.
Alex then takes Freddie, the dog, to the park with Auntie Lucy and Grandma.
Entering a nature reserve to search for fairies, Alex becomes a pretend tree. A park ranger joins them, and Alex soon discovers how trees grow and why they
are important to the world. Later, with a squirrel’s help, Alex finds an acorn and returns home to plant it in
his garden. The following spring, Alex and Anna, find their brand new oak tree sprouting out of the ground. Their new tree makes a special visitor extremely happy. Read this charming story to find out how one little acorn can help the world.

Alex the Superhero

Grandpa is staying for a few days because Mummy is due to give birth to Anna very soon. Alex becomes flabbergasted when he learns that Grandpa is a real superhero. On the way to school, Alex becomes a pretend superhero, but things don’t go
as planned. Then, during a playground break, Alex is the only person to help a friend after she falls over.
After school, while Mummy rests in bed, Alex is determined to help her.
The very next day, Anna is born, and Alex discovers that, just like his grandpa, he is a real superhero.
Read this delightful story to find out how you can become a real superhero.

The Burping  Competition

Alex and Grandpa are walking to the shops when Grandpa accidentally lets out a little burp. Amid fun and laughter, a burping competition then begins.
Later at home, while Grandpa is bottle feeding baby Anna, she burps up some milk onto Grandpa’s clean shirt. At the same time, a health visitor arrives to examine baby Anna.
With help from the health visitor, Alex discovers how to make burps. He also discovers how human babies grow and how their brains develop. Then he learns why babies need a loving, caring family to keep them safe.
Read this delightful story to find out how you can make burps.

Anna the Firefighter Saves the Flowers

Alex and Anna help Grandpa to fit smoke alarms in their Auntie Lucy’s home. They learn why smoke alarms are vital in every house.  Anna then becomes a firefighter and helps Grandpa to test all the alarms. Later, Anna witnesses a real fire emergency and meets real firefighters. She learns what to do in the event of a fire in the home. Back at Auntie Lucy’s house, Anna carries out the important duties of a firefighter and saves the flowers. Read this fun story and find out how smoke alarms keep you safe and what to do if a fire starts in your home.

Alex and Anna Become Rain Molecules

Alex’s overnight experiment to discover if toys come alive was being hampered by thick fog.
When Grandpa arrived and mentioned mist monsters, Alex panicked and dashed outside. He was then totally flabbergasted by his discovery.
A cloud sailed overhead and dropped rain on them, and Alex wanted to know how rain gets into the sky. Alex and Anna then become rain molecules as they help Grandpa with an experiment about the water cycle.
Read this charming story to discover if toys do move by themselves and how
rainwater falls from clouds.

The Trapped Duck

Alex and Anna walk to the park with Grandpa and Auntie Lucy to feed the ducks.
In the park, they see a grown-up drop some sweet wrappers on the ground and leave them. Not wanting the litter to harm the environment, Grandpa picks it up and puts it in a bin. Arriving at the pond, Alex and Anna start to feed the ducks. Suddenly to their horror,
a duck becomes trapped in some discarded plastic. A park ranger comes to the rescue and sets the duck free.
The following day Alex and Anna tell their classmates about the trapped duck and how they always put their rubbish in a bin. The headteacher then encourages the whole school to copy Alex and Anna’s values.
Read this lovely story to learn how you can help to protect your environment.

Grandpa’s Train Journey

Alex and Anna take Grandpa on a train journey to teach him how to be safe on railways. At the railway station, they inform Grandpa why it is essential to pay for a ticket. Then they demonstrate how to keep safe on a platform. Next, they warn Grandpa about the dangers of playing on railway tracks or touching electric cables. They also talk about the importance of rail staff. As the train races through the countryside, it suddenly comes to a stop. Read this delightful story to find out what happened on Grandpa’s train journey and how you can be safe on railways.

Alex Teaches Road Safety

Alex’s road skills in the back garden scare Anna and annoy Freddie, the dog. But Grandpa saves the day. Taking Alex for a walk to the shops, Grandpa teaches him how to use the footpath correctly. Grandpa also demonstrates how to cross the road safely. Alex later imparts his newfound knowledge to Anna and his friend. Read this charming story to find out why you should avoid stepping on cracked paving, and how you can safely cross the road.


Seatbelt Safety

Alex and Anna go for a drive with Grandma and Auntie Lucy. Jumping into the car, they learn why they have to wear seatbelts. They also discover why they must sit in the correct car seat for children. During their journey, Alex and Anna witness a child being thrown about inside a vehicle because they weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Alex and Anna also discover why police officers are concerned about their safety. Read this entertaining story to find out why wearing a seatbelt is crucial when travelling in motor vehicles

Chasing Shadows

Alex and Anna were playing in the garden and became mystified when a strange shadow, silently slid over them. Mummy and Daddy then enlighten them about light and shadows. Later, with Daddy’s help, Alex and Anna learn about night and day. The following morning, Daddy puzzles Alex and Anna with an experiment about shadows. Alex then discovers that it doesn’t hurt when someone stands on his shadow. Read this amusing story to learn more about shadows. 

Anna the Honeybee

Anna was in her bedroom searching for a book about honeybees when a monster of a bee frightened her. Mummy and Alex come to the rescue. Anna then receives an invitation to a fancy dress birthday party and decides to dress as a honeybee. But Mummy needs to visit her parents to collect the costume. At their grandparents’ house, Alex and Anna discover why honeybees are important for pollinating plants. At the fancy dress party, Anna uses her newfound knowledge to teach her friends about the importance of honeybees. Read this charming story to find out why bees are vital for the environment.

My Cupcakes

One rainy morning, Grandpa visits Alex and Anna carrying a bag containing eggs, flour, milk and caster sugar.
As Grandpa arrives, Daddy opens the door and looks at the rain and questions whether the school fête will still take place later that day.
Grandpa then steps indoors and sees Alex excitedly waiting. Today they are going to do something special.
Read this story to find out how to be safe in the kitchen but still have fun, as Alex and Grandpa bake some scrumptious cupcakes. Read on to discover Alex’s wonderful surprise when they later visit the school fête.

 Anna the Teacher

Anna wakes up extra early, ready to start her first day at school. While eating breakfast, Anna discovers that school is one of the places where she will learn vital life skills. At school, Anna meets her teacher and lots of new friends. After a wonderful day, the teacher asks Anna to teach her friends how to put their coats on. Read this enjoyable story to find out why going to school is important.

BBQ Time

Alex and Anna have invited some of their friends to a barbeque. While preparing the food, Alex and Anna learn about bacteria. They also learn why washing their hands is vital in preventing the spread of viruses. Alex and Anna’s friends arrive, and they are shocked to discover that some of them only consume sugary drinks and fatty foods. Alex and Anna then help their friends to learn that a balanced diet and taking exercise are important in preventing obesity and type 2 diabetes. Read this enjoyable story to discover how you can keep your heart and body healthy.

A Day at the Beach

Alex and Anna are going to the beach. But first, they learn how to protect themselves from being burnt by the sun. At the beach, Alex and Anna are taught vital safety rules before splashing in the sea. Later, Anna helps a lost girl to find her family. After a wonderful day, Alex and Anna are shocked to see grown-ups leaving their litter on the beach.  Read this delightful story to find out how you can have fun in the sun.

Freddie the Wonder Dog

Freddie is Alex and Anna’s wonderful pet dog. Taking Freddie for a walk with Daddy and Grandpa, Alex and Anna learn about the importance of keeping a dog under control. While playing hide-and-seek, Alex and Anna are amazed at Freddie’s display of doggy skills as he easily finds Daddy. Later, at a dog show, Alex and Anna learn more about dogs. Then Freddie displays his skills in an agility competition. Read this delightful story to find out why Freddie is a wonder dog.