Critique of Learn with Alex and Anna

I am 82 years of age and my son & daughter have presented me with my first grandchild, a beautiful daughter. I am dying to be able to talk to and be understood by her. What should I say in these circumstances? How old will she be when she understands and answers, simple questions? There must be a market here for the writer of children’s stories. A book for the parents!

I have just put down ”Alex and Anna’s Acorn Helps the World’. Unfortunately, I had only myself to read it to, as my grand-daughter is only 3 months old and Grand-Ma was unavailable – ‘goo-goo’ and ‘jumpity uppity’ are the only words from which I get unintelligible responses to (From my grand-daughter not grand-ma!). With this in mind and looking at the list of your books on the series I noticed ‘The Burping Competition.’ This will be my next choice.

I must comment that your combination of fact and fiction provides an easy read, which is both interesting and educational – and not only to the child. How many times, in a crowded bus, have you heard a little voice say something like: “Daddy where do leaves come from?” If you heard the parent answer, “In their original form they provide the food for the trees, until they fall off. Remember we discussed the principals of ‘photosynthesis’ before bed last night?” The anticipated waffle we were looking forward to hearing never came; the smirk would be on ‘Daddy’s’ face now.

Another quality of Alex and Anna’s books is they are easily ‘grippable’. In that I mean I could easily carry my child upstairs to bed as well hold your book in between two fingers. Each of your books deals with a single theme. As I said they are both educational as well as enjoyable but they also help make a child’s dreams so uncluttered.

Drummond Marvin; author/playwright